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view senator mckaine's suggestion was help. on brack, i worry, kind of about the rounds, and we saved 12.5 billion annually, and i look forward to theing ifing of that. what was is every community with military access, whether they are on the chopping block or not, they lawyer up and help with relations up, there's an economic effect on the community of anxiety and uncertainty that has its own economic effects, and if we do that to produce, if it's been 12.5 billion for five rounds, if we're going to do that to produce savings, i wonder if it's worth the trouble. it is important to lay out cuts with the budget tear realities. two examples. as governor, had an $80 # billion budget, and in four years, you get 5 billion out of the budget. i didn't convene a commission to do it. i sat in with a bunch of budget folks making specific reduction proposals, and i gave them to the legislature, and they all, democratic and republican, as soon as they saw ey e, and this was succes on ias a hertless dope for everything proposed, and then after they spent a bunch of time going through everything i
was revolutionary in the way cubist artists portrayed the world? >> so, you're talking about george brack, and pablo picasso, two young artists working in paris. in 1908, there was an exhibition of brack's work, at a gallery in paris. and it was at that gallery that a critic coined the term "cubism." he felt brack was using geometric shapes to reproduce objects of art in that sense. by 1909, brack and picasso were inseparable. they became great friends. they went to each other's studios each day, they vacationed together, and they began to look at art and art's possibility in an entirely new way. they began to emphasize that two-dimensional aspect of a painted surface. they were interested in break up contours and creating a facetted surface, looking at one work of art from multiple points of view simultaneously. so what the cubist did was absolutely revolutionary for themselves, but also in the way it inspired other artists. >> let's take picasso's "nude woman in a chair." how does that illustrate cubism as you just described it. >> that painting which is a masterpiece in and of itself, about three
in fiscal 2013 to 2018. a lot of it, frankly, is in the out years, because it's tied to brack, which will allow us to consolidate infrastructure and eliminate needs for civilians, also tied to a restructuring of military healthcare that might consolidate some of our facilities and drawdowns in depo maintenance as we finish the reset activities. i would hope that given the time to prepare, we could do this through attrition, but we aren't far enough along to eally know for sure. >> can you explain how the air force has entered -- if sequestration is the trigger, will that then go away, and has the president been briefed that if the air force is not training that after 30 days, 60 days, there will be a much longer lead team before you can divert the air force, for instance, to north korea? i'm going to interfere this mostly to the air force. i want to key on an a word you mentioned, which is readiness. the air force, because of the nature of what they're called ton to do, maintains a high level of readiness, and that's what's being affected. all of those forces that are deployed, those
they also want to do is have everybody on the scene look immediately at the brack - background which they might have dismissed to see if these two guys appears and they could get important information within hours. >> >> bret: the f.b.i. said he sat down the backpack at the site forum restaurant and asking anyone near there with pictures and video to look for him. >> i looked at these videos as a hopeful sign in the investigation both for what they are and the fact they are released. it is it all a good sign . this shows the tremendous benefit to law enforcement and people having cell phones and other devices on them. i guess, looking at the pictures, one concern i had. there is discussion if they are disguised and will they put on wigs or false beards f. they are that kind of operative, that would be a concern. there is that limitation. >> bret: i brought up judge, the caution that the f.b.i. has been wrong before. >> yes. >> bret: richard jewel, but they feel why they are confident. >> the f.b.i. need said assistance and the f.b.i. has thousands of hours of tapes from all of the va
. it will also affect how tax bracke are adjusted, so some middle-class people will see there taxes go up and he could cut disability benefits for veterans up to $3,000 per year, even as the administration claims it will increase other benefits by 4%, of the president's aides say he is convinced he could bring along democrats if republicans gave over taxes. >> of the republicans are willing to move off of their position, at least the ones that the leaders have staked out, the wealthy should not pay another dime, the president is coinced that he can lead democrats to a compromise solution. >> republicans charging tonight that that simply does not add up in part because the president wants to do away with a sequester which has over 1 trillion to the deficit. the white house counters that they have just under 2 trillion in new deficit cuts between spending cuts and new tax hikes that we will seek details of until next wednesday. lori: ed henry, fox news chief white house correspondent. turning to the latest on the number three nuclear crisis. today, they warned nations with embassies in the capitol
that barak obama first brack president, sprains the turnout in 2012? >> i think that's part of it. i think mitt romney being on the other side of it was definitely a part. a lot were like you are going to take away my vote? no, i will get my friends and family to vote and we will stand in line for however long it takes. i was working that day. because of what's been going on around the country. if there weren't the problem with the state of florida -- >> yeah. >> turn out. >> definitely. >> yeah. amazing. >> this is the is noter for american progress. interesting comment. gun control, gun safety leanlylation. some people are saying we are never going to see it again until after the mid-term e elections in 2014. does that have to be the case? we will do that and more here. give us a call. join the conversation at 866-55-press on this monday edition of the "full-court press." >> this is the full court press, "the bill press show" live on your radio and on current tv. current tv, it's been all building up to this. >>bill shares his views, now it's your turn. >>i kn
in 2011, but also when he went back to dagestan, brack to southwest russia, the muslim area, the area racked by religious conflict and conflict between the russian government, even though he went back, twice he should have been flagged, the federal authorities never communicated his fact that he pinged on the watch list to the local authorities. >> gretchen: why do you think that is, because there is other new information about other communication failures now that apparently somebody did know he came back into the country. >> brian: customs agent. >> gretchen: but didn't relay that information and then the c.i.a. yesterday reported maybe got information but didn't talk to the f.b.i so why? >> well, i think the obama administration is correct to accept responsibility for what appears to be a failure in terms of that coordination at that level, at the level of inter-agency cooperation in terms of a terrorist threat or someone being on the watch list. they are rightfully now investigating internally what went wrong. so i can't answer definitively why there was not communication between
suggestion as a helpful one. on brack, i worry kind of about the storm and wrong of it. i look forward to the accounting of it, but when brack was announced, every community that has military assets, whether they are ultimately going to be on the chopping ,lock or not, they lawyer up they public relations up. there is an economic effect in the community of anxiety and uncertainty that can have its own economic effect. if we're going to do all that, $12.5 billion for five backgrounds, if we're doing that all to produce -- i really wonder if it is worth the trouble. it is important to lay out potential cuts to deal with these budgetary realities. two examples. as governor, i have an $80 billion budget and in four years, you just get one term in virginia, i cut $5 billion out of the budget. i did not have a commission to do it. i sat with the budget folks and made spe reduction for puzzles and given to my legislature. they all, democratic and republican, saw everyone, they said it was a heartless don't -- dope with everything. then when this and a bunch of time, they ended up approving --
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)

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